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        ISS with approaching Japanese cargoship           Tumbling Zenit rocket stage passes through telescope field



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    Latest Satellite / Rocket images:   new!


    Early work: 2008 / 2009 images:           




        Good view of the ISS robotic arm Canadarm 2  and  flare off the solar panels of the ISS captured early in a pass


      Technical information

  -- The used instrument is a high quality optics, lightweight constructional 10 inch (0.25m) Newtonian reflecting telescope.

  -- Tracking of objects is accomplished fully manually using an attached smaller secondary scope at a low magnification.

  -- Imaging technique and setup is standardised, and the object paths across the sky are prepared for manual alignment.

  -- Best results occur when lighting angle, viewing angle, seeing, distance and other factors of objects are favorable.

  -- Original images are mostly taken in color to obtain the maximum possible information of the objects.

  -- Imaging technique & equipment, a clear short explanation:

  -- Articles about observing experiences:

  -- New observations, additional experiences and visual satellite sightings are regularly reported on :




     Beautiful colors reflecting on the ISS in this image from 2008. Note the striking blue color, especially

     visible on the metallic surfaces, which gives the impression to be reflected Earth light. (full size)  




     The Space Shuttle Discovery with open payload bay doors and many details taken in steady air thanks

      to volcanic dust from eruptions of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in  Iceland just a few days before the shuttle

      undocked from  the ISS on its way back home. A considerable part of the orbiter is hidden behind shadow.







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